Many people think my life is perfect, but it is only as perfect as I choose to see it and that also depends on how sleep deprived I am... :)
A lot of elements in it are perfect, but life is also real, and by no means easy. Daily challenges and trials of the body and mind creep into my life just like in any other. But we must make the most out of our life, who knows if we'll be here again.
When sadness and hardship come my way I believe in at least acknowledging it, taking a little time to process it, but then try to conquer it. Not mask it, hide it, or ignore it.
Life is about spending time with the people you love, and being healthy.
I believe in karma and that you create your own destiny, therefor I am grateful for the life I lead, and in my eyes the people in it make it perfect. Keeping the health and harmony takes hard work and I would love to use this platform to share ideas, motivation, and smiles. It would also be nice for family living elsewhere to see what us nutters are up to over here on the green isle.

I have set up this blog as a little notice board of rambles, about health, fitness, food, parenting, and things I am generally passionate about. It was originally the platform over which I tried helping others with severe infantile eczema as our son has suffered very badly from this and we managed to help him in a more natural way. I wanted to spread the word and help people see that is other options to conventional routes, but I quickly realised this topic warranted it's own website. If you have been affected by eczema please have a look at the Eczema tab above which will take you to www.soseczema.com where I am hoping you might find some ideas that may help you.

By no means do I want to preach to anyone or impose my opinion, but it is simply there for family and friends and anyone else interested that wants to read and share viewpoints with me. These are just the workings of my brain - whether you agree or disagree, that's cool. Make your own mind up and enjoy it.
I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please share!